Football Academy United Kingdom (FAUK) is an innovative, dynamically developing network of soccer schools for children aged 4 to 12 years old and a prime project of "Football Academy" - the largest in Europe network of soccer schools operating aprroximately 200 centres in UK and Poland.

FAUK replicates the model from Poland but in both English and Polish environment. FAUK unique training system as well as the organisational, administrative and marketing structure are based on the best English, German, Spanish and Dutch standards. All FAUK centres are run by competent managers and training sessions are conducted by English speaking coaches all with appropriate coaching qualifications.  

Our offer in this part of Europe is targeted at all young football passionates. When recruiting for the school we never select players. We give everyone a chance regardless of their skills,  or gender. 

Our pupils are given the opportunity to train and develop their football skills among their peers and friends of different nationalities, and the parents are given the possibility to integrate in the local, multicultural community.

FAUK centres operates both in the northern, central and southern parts of England and in Scotland as well. The number of academies is constantly growing. Besides the regular training sessions, we also host tournaments which on one hand are aimed at integration, and on another create healthy rivalry between the players of different Football Academy UK centres.



Football Academy United Kingdom (FAUK) is one of five flagship projects of the Football Academy Group Foundation. 

Football Academy operates as a network. The headquarters are located in Opole, Poland. The first Football Academy centre was founded on 1st April 2009. 

Each school is connected directly to head office. This means that all centres are carried out in accordance with a coherent business plan and training system, and together create a network of Football Academy soccer schools.

Each centre consists of a competent manager to whom coaches conducting training sessions are subject.

FAUK was founded in the summer of 2014 and its first branches were opened in the north of England -Manchester, Accrington and Preston. 

Today FAUK centres, also operate in the central and southern parts of England, including London and in Scotland as well.

New branches of FAUK are being established all the time.

There are nearly a one thousand young players participating in our network of soccer schools. 







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